Frequently Asked Questions

All tickets go onsale on 24th August at noon.
There is YUSU Shop on the main campus at Market Square, which is just next to where the 66 bus from town drops you off, and if you’re over on Hes East, if you walk a little north up the road, there’s a convenience store/petrol station with retro Dr. Who memorabilia on the roof.
There are a few supermarkets nearby, but most of the major ones deliver too. There’s an Aldi which is 20 minutes walk away from the University (according to Google maps), and a Morrisons and Waitrose about the same distance away but in the opposite direction.
Yes, all York students are invited to take part in Freshers’ Week! Colleges will be offering returner tickets and all YUSU events are open to all.
Depending on your college, your Freshers’ Week will commence on the same day that you move-in! Move-in weekend commences Saturday 23rd September, with events and activities being organised from the day you arrive.
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