Sports, Societies, and Volunteering

From student newspapers to Boxing Club, there is something for everyone to get involved in!

At YUSU, we offer...

  • 200+ Societies
  • 65+ Sports Clubs
  • 20 volunteering opportunities
Take a look at all the ways you can get involved.

Your Voice

Whether you want to represent your peers as an academic representative, start a campaign, create a new policy, or even run to be a Sabbatical Officer we’ll help make it happen:

Advice and Support

Need help? Just ASC! Our Advice and Support Centre can help you with a range of issues and if we’re not the best to assist, we’ll make sure to connect you with the right service or person who is.

Take a look at how ASC can support you throughout your university journey.

Food and Drink

We have six food and drink venues across campus - including bars, restaurants, and a cafe. With budget-friendly options available, they’re the perfect place to kick back after lectures or get ready for a night on the town. So, where will you go first?


Discover your voice, sports, societies, volunteering - the possibilities are endless!


Whilst your college will host some Freshers’ events, YUSU also runs Freshers’ events for every student! We’ve got York’s biggest bar crawl, called Viking Raid, a Comedy Night, Freshers’ Fair, and more.


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